The Enterprise 3000™ battery charging system is a complete and beneficial tool designed to precondition new batteries, recondition and recover old batteries, identify capacities and faults, and help manage the battery fleet.

This product is normally utilized by Maintenance Technicians to:

 Pre-condition and log new batteries before field use
 Perform failure analysis on low batteries
 Recondition/recover used batteries
 Track battery inventory

Technical Features

• Simultaneously processes up to 128 units and any mix of chemistries
• Bar code reader for easy asset management
• Touch-screen Graphical User Interface
• Fits a standard 19″ rack allowing for easy expansion
• Durable, design for longer life
• Can process Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, SLA, SMBUS
• Batteries (trait) information is automatically downloaded each time to the adapter allowing for multiple chemistries and amphour combinations in a single adapter
• Terminates accurately on temperature Delta T (via thermistor) and voltage drop DeltaV
• User definable temperature window. Users can set the upper temperature limit which, when hit, allows for a cool down time in between cycles. This allows for proper end termination, extending life of your batteries
• Can process 4000 mAmphour Ni-MH 2-way radio batteries